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sleepy twins—disarticulated


Bright Sunday morning at the “Trash and Treasure” market, Coburg. Sitting in a tangle of rusty tools and electronic cables, a scruffy little box. Floral wallpaper pasted to the lid (barely visible in the photograph).

Look inside—spooky—a pair of dolls unstrung.

Hand-painted moko and tiny woven piupiu.

Sleepy twins—disarticulated.

A little jumble of legs—lovingly arranged.

Objects like this express much more clearly than words on the page. But this is a blog about words as well as things, and I guess some sort of raggedy effort should be made.

This blog is dedicated to the material and visual culture of travel. Themes include: souvenirs, photography, appropriation and representation; miniaturization, nostalgia, home and the uncanny; scribbled ethnography; diffident passages into and out of nature and the exotic; the familiar and the strange; the lost and the found.

It may also include mention of some favourite artists, authors, and thinkers—Gram Parsons (songs as mementos), Susan Stewart (narratives of…), Roland Barthes (Camera Lucida), Mary Douglas (“matter out of place”), Michael Taussig (Mimesis and Alterity), to name but a few.

Mostly though it is a place to explore and share scrappy ideas about travel, encounter, memory and stuff: a collection of postcards sent and recovered—image on one side, scribbled message of explanation and affection on the other.

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