drovers’ hut, Mamaku Ranges

Drovers Hut - Mamaku Ranges

State Highway 5

just off the roadside

on a gentle rise of hill

watching over the traffic

abandoned now—empty and gathering moss

while the wires above

and the road below

clamour on with the incessant buzz of humanity

but not very long ago

its own once upon a time

of sweat and mud

smoke in the chimney

spring lambs and winter catastrophes

old jokes

warm cups of tea

and shelter

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity


8 thoughts on “drovers’ hut, Mamaku Ranges

    1. jacktaylor22014 Post author

      Thank you – I’m so glad you like the photograph! I wondered if the idea of traces and imagined memories of humanity, discovered in materiality, might be a nice way to approach this fantastic challenge. No need I think for the presence of people, or even the things that people have touched our shaped, to sense the idea of humanity. Gazing at the moon or the stars perhaps demonstrates this best of all.



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